Business Cards for ConnectKey Support

Business Cards for ConnectKey

Add, remove, and edit cards


From the home screen, press the Add Card icon to the right side of the green bar at the top of the page.

You will see a prompt appear. Fill out the desired fields and either press Enter on the virtual keyboard or Add at the bottom of the form. Upon adding a business card, if the keyboard is still present, you can minimize it by pressing the button to the right of the space bar.


Navigate to the card you wish to remove using the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the list of cards. Cards are sorted alphabetically for your convenience.

When you have arrived at the card you wish to remove, click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the card. This will toggle the editable options for that card. To remove the card, press the red X icon and choose OK when prompted to confirm.


Same as with remove a card, navigate to your card and toggle the edit options with the pencil icon. From here, press the yellow pencil button that appears, an edit card form will be brought up. When you are done editing the content for the card, press Save at the bottom of the page.


Navigate to the card you wish to print. From there, press the printer icon at the bottom of the card. A pop-up will appear to confirm whether or not the print was successful. At this time, you can only print one card at a time.


Like printing a card, navigate to the card you wish to email a copy of and press the paper airplane icon at the bottom.

From there, you will be prompted to enter an email address to have the card sent to. Enter your own, or any email you wish to share the card with. A pop-up with notify you of the success or failure of the email. Repeat the process for each email you wish to send a copy to.

Email a contact from scanner

Navigate to the business card you wish to send an email to. From there, press the person's email address, which will be colored in blue. You will be brought to an email form where you must fill out a message and have the option to include a subject, contact me at signature, and a choice to attach machine diagnostic information to the email.

Attach machine diagnostic information

You can attach machine diagnostics information to an email you are sending by toggling it on at the bottom of the send email form.

Navigate to website on a card

To navigate to a company website, or any other website provided on a business card, simply press the website URL in blue on the card and you will be brought to the site. When finished visiting the site, you will need to press the yellow Clear All button on the machine itself. This will bring you back to the services home screen on the machine and upon relaunching the application you will be back to the main view of your cards.


What is the difference between pressing an email address and pressing the paper airplane button?
The paper airplane button gives you the ability to email yourself a copy of the business card that encompasses the button. This is useful for getting someone’s information off of the scanner for your use later, perhaps to call or email them directly at your convenience, or just to keep for your records.
How are the business cards sorted?
Business cards are sorted by a person’s last name if entered, first name otherwise. If no name is provided, then cards will be listed in order of entry.
Why can’t I see what I am typing when editing or adding cards?
As you click on a input field to enter information, initially the keyboard may cover the box, once you begin typing scrolling will take place to bring what you are typing into view.
How to obtain a license?
Visit for all licensing information.