Case Study – Xerox

The Xerox Story: Capturing Business Cards in Salesforce

How Vision-e’s scanning technology increased opportunities by 88%

Executive Summary

Xerox has always been driven to help organizations and people find better ways to work. Nationally, Xerox agency sales representatives prospect for new business while managing their customer base. One key-prospecting tool is the collection of business cards. Additionally, leveraging the power of Salesforce so data can be actionable and accounts are manageable is a key factor to growing net new business.


Like most organizations, when sales representatives collect business cards, a majority of business cards end up in desk drawers and shoeboxes. The business cards entered in Salesforce are those that have an immediate opportunity. This traditional sales method is not conducive to effective prospect follow up or opportunity management. Considering only 3% of prospects are in a buying window at any given time, a marketing strategy of touch points is critical to catching prospects in their buying window. The leading OCR provider reports it takes up to 4 minutes to properly process a business card in a CRM. The math shows why it doesn’t make sense to have all cards entered in a CRM solution. If a sales representative collects 50 cards a week, that’s over 13 hours of data entry every month, non-selling activities.

They commissioned a study of over 100 Xerox agencies comprised of over 1,000 sales representatives.

Stacks of cards we’re taken off sales teams desk, inside desk drawers and out of shoeboxes. Next, we checked to see how many business cards were entered in Salesforce. The result... 12%, only 12% of the cards lying around on desks and in shoeboxes we’re in Salesforce.

The Solution

Scan business cards to Salesforce using a mobile device.

However a business card solution has to be sales-team friendly. We took a sales centric approach to the design of our scanning solution, designed by sales people for sales people. Some of the major considerations were accuracy and not requiring sales teams to try to process data on the mobile device. The result is the fastest and most accurate scanning solution available for the Salesforce community. At an average of less than 10 seconds to get business cards in Salesforce, 200 cards can be sent to Salesforce in less than an hour. Now marketing can create automated drip-campaigns to 100% of the prospects in a cadence to catch them in a buying window without losing valuable sales time.

The Result

Using Vision-e’s business card scanning solution created 88% more opportunities to win, then net new business doubled!
First, an unexpected consequence, employees were providing feedback on how much they enjoyed the solution because it improved their quality of life! Unknown to managers and business owners, some employees were spending time after dinner entering business card data. Now they take a photo and one more tap it’s in Salesforce. Secondly, marketing created a drip campaign to prospect to the 88% of the previously mismanaged prospects. The strategy and cadence produced additional leads month over month, more opportunities to win and net new sales doubled.