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What is Maps?

Whether you're looking to visit newly acquired Leads or looking to close Opportunities at the end of the month, Maps is the ultimate solution for your workforce.

Create data-driven geographic representations of your Salesforce Standard and Custom objects with features including Find Nearby and Route Optimization. Enhance your grip on your territory while gaining an hour a day to enhance your daily, weekly and even monthly activity.

Let Maps drive you to your goals.

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Drive and Visualize your Salesforce Data 

All While Increasing Activity by 75%

Map your Data

With Maps, your users will be able to build geo-graphic representations of their Salesforce records by manually adding Filters, Importing Reports, or Importing List Views.

Transform how you view you access your Salesforce today.



Create maps on-the-fly or access Saved Maps right from the palm of your hands using our standalone mobile solution, Maps by Vision-eavailable in the Google Play and Apple App Stores today!

To learn more about our standalone mobile app, Click Here


Color Rules

Now that you've created and shared your maps with other Users in Salesforce, customize your map markers based on Salesforce criteria.

By adding color rules, you'll be able to hand pick which records you want to focus on. Whether choosing to view Opportunities in the Negotiating stages or Accounts with an Annual Revenue over $1 million dollars, your territory just came to life.


Trip Planner

Once you've created your desired geo-representation of your Salesforce data, plan out your daily activity effectively using our Trip Planner.

You'll be able to manipulate each stop you're taking, view every turn required, and even access our Route Optimization feature that will show you the most time efficient route to take saving you up to an hour a day.


Territory Manager

No longer are the days where System Administrators will need to export and import data sets for their Salesforce data.  With Maps, the impractical just became practical.

Use a freeform territory designer to change record owners and perform mass updates right from your map in real time assignments.


Draw Tool

Once you've created  your map, isolate a group of records within your territory by using generic shapes to even using freehand design.

From here, you can choose to label areas on the map, merge multiple drawn regions, and even add Contacts or Leads to an existing Campaign within Salesforce!


Ready to Install into Salesforce?

  1. With your Salesforce Administrator, navigate to our Maps listing within the AppExchange by clicking the button below.

  2. Click the Get It Now button and follow along the steps!

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