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Salesforce's Leading Scanning Solution

Increase your Opportunity to win by 88%

Why Choose Scan?

Vision-e's scanning solution, Scan, has been the #1 scanning solution on Salesforce's AppExchange® for the past 4 years. 


Here are some of the reasons as to how we got here:

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Top 1% App

Of 3,400 apps on the AppExchange® since 2018, Scan is a Top 1% solution!


Most Accurate*

Scan hosts the most accurate OCR solutions for automatic text recognition.


Top Rated

With over 160 Reviews and a 4.4 Star Rating, Scan is the highest rated scanning solution.


Address Validator*

Validating each listed address on your uploaded scans further assists in the accuracy of your Salesforce data.


Top 5 Sales Solutions

With over 2,000 installations from the AppExchange® Scan is a Top 5 Sales Solution.


Capture & Store

The only solution to add your scan image on the Lead or Contact Record Detail Page.

*Included with Scan's Premium Edition.  For more information, visit our Free v. Premium Comparison HERE>>

What is Scan?

Scan for Salesforce is the leading scanning solution on Salesforce's AppExchange allowing your workforce to experience a new level in machine learning and natural language processing that makes scanning your data into Salesforce smarter, faster, and more accurate than ever before.

Vision-e Scan is not another scanning app, it's a platform designed to build your own scanning solution. You simply design your scanning solution in Salesforce in less than 5 minutes. Your logo, you company colors and the features and options to meet your business requirements. Our professional service team can walk you through setup.

Data cannot be actionable if it is not in Salesforce, so why not find the easiest, most effective way to get your data where it belongs. Learn more below.


Visit our AppExchange listing below and install Scan today!

Visione Scan iPhone.png

Scan Highlights

Here are some distinct advantages and differentiators with Scan:

One-Click Solution

With Scan, our users will be able to efficiently and accurately upload their business cards into Salesforce with a single tap of a button using our Rapid Fire functionality.  


White Labeling

For all Scan users subscribing to the application's Premium Edition platform, the in-app appearance will be customized to match their company's brand providing a sharp display when F2F with future potential customers.

Scan UX & Onboarding

With Scan, there is little to no learning curve. Capturing a new scan brings the familiarity of snapping a photo with your smartphone. New hires learn in less than 5 minutes! 

Webinar training and support is available with our Premier Support.


Value-Adding Functionalities

Here are some in-app functionalities that have assisted in making Scan the #1 scanning solution:


Scan Business Cards

Upload business cards into Salesforce with an Apple or Android device right from the palm of your hands.

Create your uploads as Leads, Contacts and even Accounts within seconds.

Scan Barcodes or QR Codes

Whether you're attending your annual trade show or auditing your warehouse, scanning Barcodes and QR Codes won't be an issue.

Gather encrypted data with a few taps of your fingertip to upload into Salesforce, send via e-mail, and more!

Voice to Text

Whether you're face to face with a new contact or on the way back to the office, set a clear objective for next steps by recording a 60 second voice to text memo using Scan.

Gather your recording in Salesforce next to your newly uploaded business card or as a Task!


Upload Destinations

Scan users have the ability to select from a multitude of upload destinations from scanning directly to Salesforce as a Lead or Contact, your Scanning Queue and even your Microsoft Outlook / Smartphone Contacts List.


Scan Driver's License

Whether you're looking to enhance security on deliveries or reduce error on manual data entry for your service or logistics department, with Scan, your users will be able to gather the necessary Driver's License within seconds.


Capture Signatures

With Scan, your users will be able to obtain that vital signature left to close the deal from the decision maker while gathering consent at the same time in one flawless movement.


Ready to Install into Salesforce?

  1. With your Salesforce Administrator, navigate to our Scan listing within the AppExchange by clicking the button below.

  2. Click the Get It Now button and follow along the steps!


Forms for Scan

Ever forget to ask an important question when face to face with a new lead?

With Forms, you'll be able to gather vital, non-contact information while driving the conversation with a set of predetermined questions and responses from your mobile device.

*The following functionality is an add-on feature for an additional fee.

scan (1).png

Next, Install to your Mobile Device!

After Scan has been installed into your Salesforce from the AppExchange:

  1. Your Admin will need to assign Users with a Scan license.

  2. Click the App Store Badge below designated for your smartphone then download and install Scan within seconds!

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