Add enhancements to a scanned card

Note: After you scan a card, you will have the option to add enhancements to attach to your card before uploading to Salesforce. 

Attach your voice

Record a voice memo to go with your card by choosing the attach your voice option from the business card enhancements. Once selected, you will have the opportunity to record a voice memo up to 30 seconds long (we recommend a quick 10 second memo). After recording the memo, you have the option to include a status and subject. Select Continue to return to the enhancements screen and include your memo with the card. Once you upload your card, the voice memo will appear below the business card image on the scanning queue and will be attached to your card as a task.

Please Note: Unlike small files, like business card images, that upload to Salesforce almost instantly, large voice memo files may take up to 30-60 seconds to appear in the scanning queue.


Secondary Picture 

Capture information on the back of a business card or take a photo of a machine, location, person, etc. to attach to your card. Select the secondary picture option from the business card enhancements to take an additional image with your card. Select Use Photo to include the image with your card. The image will appear below the primary business card image in your scanning queue. To enlarge the secondary picture in the scanning queue, simply click inside of it. You also have the option to retake your secondary picture before uploading to Salesforce by selecting the secondary picture option once more and pressing Retake. The secondary photo option is only available when premium OCR services are enabled.


Add comments or tag people as an enhancement to your card. By choosing the notes option from the business card enhancements, you have the ability to add comments, mention or tag co-workers on the creation of a lead or contact, or include hash tags (#) with your card. The notes will appear in the Description field of your scanning queue.

Notes for Description

1. Select the ​Notes​ option from the enhancements directly after taking a picture of the business card.

2. Enter reminders, messages, etc. in the notes field at the top of the screen. Notes will appear on the Lead or Contact record.

Mentions for Chatter posts

1. Select ​LookUp​ to mention a coworker, notifying them on the creation of a new Lead or Contact.

2. Select ​Search​ to search the name of the coworker you are wanting to notify. Select the name when you see it.

Tags for Alerts

1. To add a tag, click inside the​ Add #tags here​ field underneath the ​Include tags field and type the tag you wish to use. Press the plus sign to add the tag.

2. After you add your notes, mentions and tags, click ​Done to return to the enhancements screen. When you are ready, press Finish and Send to Salesforce.


Your enhancements will be attached to your card and will appear below the business card image on your scanning queue. After you process the card, the enhancements can be found on the Lead or Contact record. 


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