Utilize Salesforce Process Builder 

Since our Scanning solution is a native Salesforce application, you can use the power of Salesforce to leverage your scanned cards (the scanned card records are located in the “Scan Item” object. Use the “Scan Item” object to reference your workflow/process builder). The most commonly used Salesforce feature is Process Builder. You can create automated processes to do things like default field values and automatically process leads. A best practice is creating processes after you process the record to a Lead or Contact, but if you need a process when it’s in the Scanning Queue, just use the “Scan Item” object! You can learn more about Salesforce Process Builder on the Salesforce Trailhead page: click here.

Paid Premium users receive support with utilizing Task Automation and Marketing Campaigns within Salesforce Process Builder. Contact us for more information at 1.888.611.2679 or support@visione.com.

To download a step-by-step blueprint on how to build a process for automatically creating leads from Scan, click here.

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