How to navigate the Salesforce Lightning View  

Find the Scanning Queue easily within the Salesforce Lightning interface! 

1. If you are not utilizing Salesforce Lightning, you can switch to Lightning view by expanding the drop-down menu underneath your name. Select Switch to Lightning Experience. 

2. Locate and select the App Launcher on the main menu bar at the top.  

3. From the App Launcher, there are several ways to access the Scanning Queue. 

a) You can use the search bar, Find an app or item, to locate the Scanning Queue.

b) Another option is to select the Scanning App from the All Apps menu. This will redirect you to the Scanning Home page. From here, locate and select the Scanning Queue from the top menu bar. 

c) Lastly, you can choose to scroll down and select Scanning Queue from the All Items menu. This will take your directly to the Scanning Queue. 

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