How do I upgrade my Salesforce Scanning package and mobile app? 

Please note: You must be a Salesforce system administrator or have permission to install apps or components to upgrade the Salesforce package. 

Salesforce Package

  1. You can update your Salesforce Scanning Package by going to our AppExchange Listing and clicking the green Get It Now button just as you would for an app installation.

  2. If you have not already, you will be prompted to log in to the AppExchange with your Salesforce credentials.

  3. Follow the prompts. The AppExchange will detect a currently installed version and will add or update only the new components.

Mobile App

  1. You can update your Scan mobile app by going to either the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

  2. Update the app via the App Store app (Updates > Locate Scan > Select Update) or Google Play Store app (Menu > My apps & games > Locate Scan > Select Update).

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