How to filter which cards you see in the Scanning Queue   

Within the Salesforce Scanning Queue, you can choose which uploaded cards to view through a filtering process.

1. Click inside the Filter by field at the top right of the Scanning Queue to select how you would like to filter cards.

a. Me: only see cards uploaded by you in the Scanning Queue that have not been processed.

b. Everyone – Select All: see cards uploaded by everyone in your Salesforce org that have not yet been processed within your Scanning Queue.

c. Only these users: see cards uploaded by specific users in your org. View multiple users’ cards by repeating the process of clicking in the Filter by field and selecting a user’s name.

Note: For the Select All and Only these users option, you will not see the names and cards of all users within your Salesforce org, only those who have uploaded cards in the Queue will be visible and listed.

The ability to view another user’s cards is based off of Salesforce role hierarchy rules, which impacts which users and cards you can see. If you do not have access to a user within Salesforce, you cannot view or process their cards in the Scanning Queue. 

Tip: If you do not see the Filter by field in your Scanning Queue, make sure you are using the most up to date version of the scanning solution. 

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