Install the business card scanning solution in Salesforce

Note: As with all AppExchange applications, you must be a Salesforce Administrator or have permission to install AppExchange applications to install the business card scanning solution.

     1. Go to our AppExchange listing. Click the green “Get it Now” button.

  2. If prompted, log in to the AppExchange using your Salesforce credentials.

  3. Log in to Salesforce.

   4. Choose to Install in production or  sandbox. (You must have Administrator rights or permission rights to install applications from the AppExchange)

 5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then, click Confirm and Install! 

   6. Once again, log in to Salesforce.

7. Check Install for All Users (even if all users will not be using the solution) and approve Third-Party Access by checking so Business Cards can be sent from a mobile device.

Note: If you check Admin only, then if you decide to assign a license to other users you will have to assign a Permission set. Also if the user has a Standard Salesforce profile, a custom profile will need to be created. 

Almost done, just wait for the install to complete. Then you’re ready to view the Scanning Queue tab.

Tip: You must install the business card scanning solution to your phone before you can scan a business card.

Also See: Install the business card scanning solution to my phone.

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