Add a Business Card to a new or existing Account  

Attach a scanned card to a new or existing account in Salesforce

1. Within the Salesforce Scanning Queue, select the Contact tab and locate the field labeled Account.

2. To add the card to an existing account, click inside the Account Field to view the Record Lookup pop-up box. 


3. Type the name of the account you wish to attach the card to, then click the Search button to view all account matches. Select the account you wish to add the card to by clicking the green Select button to the right of the account name. 


Please Note: Use CTRL to select multiple record types.

4. Once you select the account, the Account field will be automatically populated with the account name. 


5. To add the card to a new account, select New in the Account field. 

6. The Account Edit Window will open. Complete the Account Information and select Save when you are done.


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