Merge & Duplicate Handling 

Duplicate records are checked when attempting to process a Lead or Contact based on fields you identify in the scan settings.

1. When creating a lead that has a duplicate within your Salesforce org, you will have the option to View, Merge or Duplicate the lead record for that business card.

2. After selecting Create Lead, if there is a duplicate, a pop-up will appear with the three options, explained further below.

a) View: Open a new page to view the information on the duplicate lead record

b) Merge: Choose to update the information on the current record. Blank fields will be updated and the other record will be deleted during the Merge process.  

c) Duplicate: Create another lead record in addition to the existing one.

Note: If your Salesforce org does not allow duplicates, we adhere to Salesforce rules so that no duplicates will be created.


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