Scan My Voice

Record a voice memo with your mobile device and upload it to Salesforce as a new task! 

1. Launch the Scan My Voice module from the app home screen.

2. To begin recording, select the red Record button. If prompted, click Okay to allow Access to your microphone. A Voice Usage box will appear to notify you of your used and available minutes.

Please Note: We recommend recording a 10-second memo for efficiency, but you are allowed up 30-seconds of recording at a time.


3. To end the recording, select the yellow Stop button.

4. You have the option to hear your memo before it is sent to Salesforce, select the green Play button.

5. You have the option of selecting the Status of your task.

6. You also have the option of selecting the Subject of your task.


7. When you are done, select Upload as Task. For premium users, the memo will be sent to Salesforce as a task and IBM Watson will translate voice to text. For free users, the audio file of the memo will be sent to Salesforce. 

Please Note: A trigger will automatically delete your audio files once voice to text translation has occurred. If you are out of available minutes to record, the audio file will be sent to Salesforce instead. 


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