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Add, Edit, or Remove a Bookmark


Through bookmarks
From the landing page, press the ‘Bookmarks’ button to be brought to your bookmarks. From here press the blue ‘Add new bookmark’ button at the top right of the page.
This will bring up the add bookmark form where you can simply add the URL for the site you wish to add, and an optional bookmark name. Leaving the name field empty will yield a generated name based on the domain name.
Through Quick URL            
From the landing page, press the ‘Quick URL’ button. From here you may type in a URL to navigate to and check off the ‘Add as bookmark’ checkbox and the URL will automatically be given a name and saved to your bookmarks.    


All names and URLs will become editable, signified by a grey background. Navigate to the bookmark you wish to edit and simply click in the text box you wish to edit. You can continue to edit as many fields as you like. When done, press the ‘Done’ button with the pencil icon and any changes will be saved.


Next on the card you wish to remove, press the pencil icon at the top right corner of the card. This will toggle the editable options for that card. To remove the card, press the red ‘X’ icon and choose ‘OK’ when prompted to confirm.  

Quickly navigate to a URL  

To use Quick URL, press the ‘Quick URL’ button on the landing page. You will be prompted to enter a url to navigate to. You do not need to add in http:// or www, you can simply put the domain name. For example, to visit Google, enter ‘’ and press GO.
If you wish to save this site to bookmarks you will need to press the ‘Add as bookmark’ toggle bar. If you do not wish to, you may press the ‘Enter’ button on the virtual keyboard or minimize the keyboard and press ‘GO’ at the bottom of the screen.

Leaving a website

When you are done viewing a webpage and wish to quit the application, press the yellow ‘Clear All’ physical button on the device. It will ask you to confirm, by doing this you will clear out the state of the application and upon returning to The Internet, you’ll have a fresh start at the home screen.


If you wish to temporarily leave a webpage to check on another process on the scanner, press the ‘Services Home’ physical button on the top left of the scanner’s dashboard. This will not clear out the state, and so long as the machine does not invoke a sleep (normally 45 seconds with no user interaction), your website will be as it was when you return to the application and you may continue browsing where you left off.
If you have not yet navigated to an external website and wish to close out the application, simply press the ‘Services Home’ button located on the bottom left of the ConnectKey device.  


How to get back to the application after browsing?
Please reference Leaving a website to learn all about closing out the application.
Fundamentally, once navigating to an external URL, our application loses all control of the window. The only way to overcome this is to close it out using the physical buttons on the scanner and start it up again. Originally we attempted to simulate all websites within a frame within the application but learned quickly that most any secure sites disallow this. Thus, we came to the decision to design the app how it is now.
How are the bookmarks sorted?
Bookmarks are sorted alphabetically by name as it stands now within the application. Originally we supported manual sorting with the option to toggle alphabetical sorting on or off. We decided to take this out of the application to keep things as simple and elegant as possible.
How do I obtain a license?
You can visit for all licensing information.