Our typography plays a vital role in the Vision-e brand recognition. It communicates a consistent identity while providing instant personality to any written words.  Avenir is the master brand font for any or all Vision-e product or services.

Aa Aa

For primary use describing Vision-e or its products, two weights may be used: Avenir and Avenir Light



Avenir is a strong, easy and simple font to utilize. We recommend using it for calls to action, subheads and as part of body copy to emphasize on the Vision-e brand.

Avenir Light


Avenir Light provides your Vision-e material with a clean, modern typeface which translates to a charming, simplistic brand personality.

Product & Company Referencing

Brand recognition in text is vital to portray consistency on any user-facing material. Here are the appropriate ways on how to represent our company and its products at any given time:

Company: Vision-e | Scan: Scan for Salesforce, Scan or Vision-e's Scan | Maps: Maps or Vision-e's Maps

Here are additional examples of how to properly and improperly utilize the above name conventions within a sentence or phrase:

"Our Sales team uses Scan and love it!"

"Where's my eMaps application?"

"Have you worked with Maps yet?"

"Did you purchase Vision-e scanning yet?"

"Is my mapping license active?"

"Can e-Vision-e Scan OCR 24/7?"

"Load your eVision map next."

"Contact Vision-e Support next!"


To speak with a live representative, please contact any of the below support lines:


(888) 611-2679

19 Gloria Lane

Fairfield, NJ 07004

United States of America

300 John Street, Suite 2A

Greer, SC 29561

United States of America


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