Personalized Application Builder

Personal Application Builder 

Innovative applications for your Xerox® multifunction printer

Vision-e is certified by Xerox as a Personal Application Builder Authorized Developer

You need a complete solution that delivers efficiencies you only imagined – apps and integrations that solve issues and help you get work done with fewer mistakes and faster efficiencies. At Vision-e, we build custom apps and integrations for Xerox® ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers, providing the best solution to improve your work productivity giving you a competitive edge. At Vision-e, we are fully committed to providing high-quality solutions so you can take your multifunction printer capabilities to the next level and improve the way you work.

What we’ve built so far

The Internet App

The first of its kind, this custom app is designed to allow easy navigation of website browsing straight from your smart multifunction printer built on ConnectKey® Technology. At your fingertips, you can leverage the power of Google, search the Xerox support website for needed answers or interact with services like Twitter. Learn more, here.

Business Cards App

Store your business cards in a digital format right on your Xerox® ConnectKey®-enabled device with an easy path of retrieval when you need to email, print or copy your cards. Email the business card contact directly with the press of a button. For distributors and dealers this is a great way to always leave a lasting impression. Learn more, here.

Quick Print App

Offer your customers convenient walk-up print, copy, scan, and fax functionality through an innovative kiosk-type application that is fully customizable with your brand. Keep track of prints and user activity and provide a receipt for each of your customers without any interaction with your staff. Contact us now to see how we delivered this complete solution to The UPS Store. Learn more, here.

Watch the video!

Customers steps to access the MFP using the UPS Store app.

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