Does your Maps app support Custom Objects?

Great question! Yes, our Maps app certainly supports Custom Objects just as it does Standard Salesforce Objects.

If I add new records into Salesforce, do I have to geocode them all over again?

No. Our Geocoder is equipped with a trigger that will automatically geocode new and existing updated records when called upon to be displayed in a map.

Can I create maps using cross-reference filters?

As long as the object is properly referenced with the master object, then yes! The Reference Field Selector tool in Maps will help make that process very simple!

Is your Maps application mobile as well?

Yes! Users can access our Maps application from both Salesforce 1 under your Apps section and on any mobile device's browser 24/7. Vision-e will be releasing our very own standalone mobile app for Maps in early 2019. For more information, please contact Note: To access Maps within Salesforce 1 you'll need to include Maps under the available list for your Salesforce 1 Navigation in Salesforce Setup. For assistance, contact

Can I view our company's territory boundaries for my sales team?

As a Maps user, you have the ability to view default boundaries such as zip codes, counties, states, and so forth. You may also upload custom boundary layers, so yes, absolutely!

As a Manager, do I have the ability to create and share maps to other users?

Yes, sharing maps amongst other licensed Maps users is available to all. Simply load your map and click on the Shared Users tab below the map window to begin. For next steps, CLICK HERE to access our Maps User Guide and scroll down to page 16.

Do I have to purchase a license for ALL of my Users?

No -- our licensing model is built to allow our clients to purchase any number of licenses, so no maximum limitations! Note: It is recommended to choose Grant Access to All Users when installing our Maps app from the AppExchange. This will only ensure all Profiles in your Salesforce will have access to Maps' custom components once a license is assigned to that user.

Can I edit my map(s) after creating it?

Yes! You'll first need to load the map and then click on the Settings Icon. From here, click on Edit Map Filters where you'll be prompted to modify your filters/logic, map address, and so forth.

Do my users have the ability to check into a record of theirs using Maps?

Yes! Maps and Checkin are two apps that allow that exact functionality. Contact a Vision-e Representative for information on how to get that process started!

If I wanted to roll out licenes to other users, am I able to do so easily?

Yes. Our app can be controlled by your System Administrator when assigning a license to any new users when needed. For step-by-step instructions, please CLICK HERE to access our Maps User Guide.

I can't stand traffic lately! Am I able to see any traffic patterns on my map?

We totally agree with you on this one -- traffic is a waste of time (literally)! Our Maps app can not only show you Traffic Patterns, but also provide you with the most time efficient routes to use when out in the field using the Trip Planner's Route Optimization tool. For more information on how to enable these functionalities, CLICK HERE to access our Maps User Guide.

Can I share a map with someone outside of Salesforce?

The Permalink feature allows for you to create a URL Link associated to the created map in order to distribute outside of Salesforce, but only licensed users will be able to view the map.

Is any of my sensitive information saved on servers outside of Salesforce?

No. Maps is a native Vision-e App and only uses your Salesforce data. No data is stored on servers outside of your Salesforce org.

How many times can I geocode my records?

If a record has an updated address or your Administrator has imported a new batch of records, the Geocoder is stored within your Salesforce at all times to access. Contact if you have any questions regarding the number of geocodes allowed.

How long will my geocode jobs take to complete?

The larger the number of records needed to geocode, the longer it may take. Please be patient during this process. Please consult a Vision-e representative if this process takes a long time by emailing

I deleted a map by mistake. Can I get I get it back?

Deleted maps can be restored from your Salesforce's Recycle Bin.

Can I use Maps on my tablet or just mobile smartphone?

As long as your tablet is supported by Salesforce 1 or has a valid network connection, you can access our Maps app with ease!

How many records can I see on a single map?

Our Maps app is configured to only allow 15,000 records in a single map view. For information as to why this is the case, please email to speak with the next available representative.

Are you Security Certified with Maps?

Yes. Our public corporate clients maintain our security manual on file. Vision-e is officially Security Certified under Sarbanes Oxley requirements and renew our security certification annually.

Can I export my map data using your application?

Yes! With Maps, you'll have the ability to highlight areas on a map around the records you want to export. When ready, click on Export to Excel under the Inside Boundary tab and your XLS spreadsheet will save to your Downloads folder.

Can I access Street View with your app?

Yes! Drag-n-Drop the person icon on the bottom, right corner of your map after loading your desired map.

What does the Map Chatter feature do in your app?

Map Chatter allows the Map Owner to communicate, poll, share files or links with the map's Shared Users or other licensed Maps Users right from the app user interface. This feature allows the users to thoroughly create and customize a strong map with their colleagues every single time!

Can I see my Current Location on my maps?

Yes! When you first access Maps, your internet browser will prompt you to Allow or Block sharing your Current Location. Make sure to click on Allow. In the event you're not sharing your Current Location, please refer to your Settings to do so. If you're not comfortable doing so, Maps users can access the Plotter tab in order to manually enter a pin within your map which will act similar to any other map marker.

Ready to Install Maps?

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