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Company Profile

Since 2011, Vision-e has provided the Salesforce ecosystem with solutions and services that facilitate engagement and collaboration.


In 2011, Vision-e was born from a simple concept: to develop easy, elegant, and efficient Salesforce-based solutions that help clients manage their leads to yield more revenue.  

More than a decade later, Vision-e provides Salesforce applications, and professional and advisory services to companies ranging from small businesses to global enterprises and the U.S. government.


And with the advent of GDPR in 2018, Vision-e is fast becoming the partner of choice for companies grappling with the challenge of reaching customers in an era of stringent data rights and compliance. 


In 2023, the Small Business Administration certified Vision-e as a Veteran Owned Small Business and the National Veterans Business Development Council certified Vision-e as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, making it one the few Salesforce partners to carry those certifications.

Our Purpose

To leverage technology to facilitate a fundamental element of the human experience: the exchange of knowledge and collaboration.


The foundation of our business is mutual respect among all employees. Regardless of one’s position in the company, each person is valued for their achievements, abilities, and qualities. Everyone must be valued and treated respectfully to promote a positive work culture in which employees are fulfilled, engaged, and motivated to perform at their very best.

Customer Value

Provide an elite customer experience and deliver value that far exceeds the price. Prove yourself an indispensable partner in the customer’s success.

Our R.O.C.K.


Personal ownership within one's role & responsibility is critical to the success of the company. Our company culture and flat-organization is dependent on each person becoming an expert in their field and performing at their very best.


Be a master of your craft. Continual learning and development is the trellis upon which our business grows. Every team member is encouraged to practice the essential elements of innovation: experimentation, objective analysis, persistence, and recognition that failure is a precursor to breakthroughs.


Vision-e believes that diversity is an inseparable element of a healthy, vibrant, and effective workplace.

Diversity unlocks innovation, fosters creativity, and enables personal and professional growth. We are committed to building a culture that respects and values the unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of every individual.

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