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Digital Business Cards:
The Smart, Secure Way to Connect Instantly

Save money, connect safely, and engage at light speed with our eco-friendly digital business card, the unforgettable alternative to outdated paper and NFC cards.

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See for Yourself. It's No Competition.

Compare the benefits of digital business cards to paper or NFC cards and the choice is clear. Digital business cards from Vision-e deliver more value, security, and versatility than any other form of contact sharing. 

Switching Pays for Itself

In most cases, the switch from paper or NFC cards to digital business cards pays for itself.

Companies spend an average of $64 per employee annually on paper business cards. Most are never used, thrown away, or go out of date requiring a new order.

DBCs are always up to date and can be easily edited to accommodate job changes or new contact information.

Save as much as



Going Digital Preserves Natural Resources

Advance your Environmental Stewardship Program and showcase your commitment to the environment with digital business cards.

DBCs don’t consume paper or use chemical inks, dyes, and finishes like traditional business cards. And with 27 million business cards printed EACH DAY, that’s a lot of waste.

Protect Your Contact Data and Protect Yourself.


In 2022, U.S. companies suffered over over $2.7 billion in adjusted losses to Business Email Compromise, a sophisticated scam that targets individuals and businesses.

Paper and NFC cards are easily lost or stolen, increasing the odds your contact information will be exposed to hackers. 

Digital Business Cards reside securely on your phone, so they're less prone to compromise and give you more control over sharing your contact information.
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Broadcast Your Brand

Branding keeps your company top of mind and relays trust and confidence when it's time to buy. 

With SCAN's intuitive app builder, you put your brand front and center every time you share your contact information. Easily make SCAN your own with your company's logo and livery. 

The app does what it is supposed to do. But the best part is the support. I am a small corporation and I can not spend time fixing things. Every time I call for support they get the job done in a very acceptable time frame. Usually the same day.

Rob D.

Dinerman Leadership


Best Business Card Scanner App for Salesforce and at a Great Price!!  As the Salesforce administrator for my organization, I did a lot of research last year to try to find a business card scanning solution that would work for my organization and was very lucky to find this one!

Cyrena P

Arlington Virginia


"Maps helps any rep, new or tenured, to maximize their call rate effectively organizing their day in the field. Great app to drive sales!"

Rick K.



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