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Boost Event ROI with Mobile Badge Scanning

Free your team from the booth and the limitations of hand scanners. Scan event badges and engage anywhere with powerful tools that accelerate your sales cycle–all with the safety and comfort of bank-level security and industry leading compliance.


Opportunity Strikes
Beyond the Booth

From workshops and sidebars to breakouts and social gatherings, some of the best sales opportunities are far away from the exhibitor booth. SCAN allows you to capture client data from any medium–event badges, business cards, NFC cards–wherever you are and send it instantly to Salesforce along with marketing consent.

Accelerate Your Return on Event with Fast Follow-up

Up to 50% of buyers ultimately choose the company that engages them first, so every second counts. 
Use our Fast Follow-up tools to capture key data and act quickly across your team to drastically shorten your sales cycle–maybe even close deals on the spot. 
  • Multiple QR codes

  • Voice and text notes

  • Send to Slack

  • User-defined questions and surveys

  • Create Tasks 

  • Submit a Case

  • Log a Call

Conference Mingling

Engage First with Explicit Consent Signature

Signature Capture.png

On the Spot Compliance

No other business card or event badge solution instantly records consent with purpose and signature for iron-clad compliance. Now, you can initiate compliant marketing engagement well ahead of competitors.

"One easy way to avoid large GDPR fines is to always get permission from your users before using their personal data."    - GDPR.EU


Don't Share Your Data!

Many event scanning solutions store your lead data which means if they have a data breach, you have a data breach...and you're obligated to notify your leads.

Our proprietary Zero Digital Footprint architecture stores no data, ensuring you maintain 100% data custody. It’s your data from start to finish. Period.

Visione Scan.gif

Broadcast Your Brand

Branding keeps your company top of mind and relays trust and confidence when it's time to buy. 

With SCAN's intuitive app builder, you put your brand front and center every time you share your contact information. Easily make SCAN your own with your company's logo and livery. 

The app does what it is supposed to do. But the best part is the support. I am a small corporation and I can not spend time fixing things. Every time I call for support they get the job done in a very acceptable time frame. Usually the same day.

Rob D.

Dinerman Leadership


Best Business Card Scanner App for Salesforce and at a Great Price!!  As the Salesforce administrator for my organization, I did a lot of research last year to try to find a business card scanning solution that would work for my organization and was very lucky to find this one!

Cyrena P

Arlington Virginia


"Maps helps any rep, new or tenured, to maximize their call rate effectively organizing their day in the field. Great app to drive sales!"

Rick K.



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