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Scan business cards and trade show badges, add images and notes, automate flows, and engage your team instantly at events, conventions, seminars, workshops...everywhere business happens.
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Scan Business Cards Into Salesforce in Seconds

Capture up to 88% more opportunities using AI-powered technology to upload business card data directly into Salesforce. It’s 10x faster than manual entry and features unmatched data security and GDPR compliance.  Watch the intro video to learn more.


Boost Event ROI with Mobile Badge Scanning

Win business beyond the booth. 

Expand your team's reach with our mobile badge scanner.  Capture badge data plus valid marketing consent from anywhere. From sidebars and workshops to breakout sessions and social events, with mobile badge scanning you’re ready everywhere business happens.

Lower Cost and Improve Productivity with Digital Business Cards

Companies spend an average of $64 per employee each year on paper business cards that go out of date quickly and can open the door to hackers if they are lost, stolen, or mishandled.  Digital business cards are the more cost-effective, versatile, and secure way to begin the business conversation.

Our Uncompromising Approach to
Data Security & Compliance


It’s Your Data.
We Keep It that Way.


Our proprietary Zero Digital Footprint architecture stores no data, ensuring you maintain 100% data custody. It’s your data from start to finish. Period.

Data Privacy by Design

Data rights are not a choice.
It’s the law.

Vision-e offers the only business card and event scanning solution that captures consent with one or more purposes instantly, allowing immediate engagement in compliance with GDPR and similar data protection regulations around the world.


Protect Your Data... And Your Reputation

In addition to being a hassle, business cards and NFC cards can be a liability as cyber crime skyrockets. In the hands of criminals, PII can inflict staggering losses.  According to the FBI, U.S. businesses lost over $10 billion to cyber crime in 2022, including the cost to repair reputational damage. Business Email Compromise alone inflicted over $2.7 billion in losses.

Hear It from Our Customers

"Maps helps any rep, new or tenured, to maximize their call rate effectively organizing their day in the field. Great app to drive sales!"

Rick K.


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